Main Topic Registered Name Cherrywood's Quintessential
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Main Topic Video Link none
Status Deceased
Call Name Quinn
DOB 2007-07-22
Main Topic Ped Listing Ld
Main Topic Link Ofa Db
Height 30.50
Main Topic Weight 165
Main Topic Bacl No
Bacl Doc
Main Topic Narrative

Quinn is one of those special dogs that personifies the best traits of the Leonberger. He has lovely movement - the judges have commented on this repeatedly - and a stunning chest structure. His coat is a deep rich mahogany and smooth as silk. And his temperament is superb. He's appropriate with other dogs and is an excellent therapy dog. He's done therapy work all his life and he loves it. He has a special instinct for it which makes him welcome wherever he goes in the hospital.

Semen Analysis No
Semen Analysis Doc
Natural Breeding No
Fresh Semen No
Frozen Semen No
Primary Owner(s) Peggy Walker
Co Owner 1
Co Owner 2
City Dallas
State TX
Zip 75214
Country of Birth United States
Home Phone 214-828-1858
Cell 214-210-1500
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ID type Unkn
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CHIC# 67844
AKC # WS22834006