Main Topic Registered Name Kissable Kingsley of Serengeti
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Main Topic Video Link None
Status Current
Call Name Kingsley
DOB 2014-10-03
DOD living
Main Topic Ped Listing Ld
Main Topic Link Ofa Db
Main Topic Weight
Main Topic Bacl Yes
Bacl Doc
Main Topic Narrative
Semen Analysis Yes
Semen Analysis Doc
Natural Breeding Yes
Fresh Semen Yes
Frozen Semen Yes
Primary Owner(s) Elizabeth Burnham
Co Owner 1
Co Owner 2
City Duxbury
State MA
Zip 02331
Country of Birth USA
Home Phone 781-934-7064
Main Topic Url 1
ID type Unkn
ID #
CHIC# 129089
AKC # WS49342806