leonberger people awards

People Awards

Although the Leonberger is our top priority, it is dedication of the members that keeps the club successful. Recognition is given to those that have demonstrated a special contribution to the club and the breed through the following awards:

Heinrich Essig Award

The Heinrich Essig Award is the LCA’s highest honor. It is named after the man that tradition holds created the Leonberger breed in 1846; Heinrich Essig, a town counselor in the town of Leonberg, in what is modern day Germany. Originally presented to the LCA’s founders in 1994, the Heinrich Essig Award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the club sustained over the course of many years. This award comes with a life-long LCA membership.

Leo Award

The Leo Award is given for exceptional work on a particular project, or for body of work on behalf of the breed or the club that takes place over the course of a year. It can be awarded for a particularly well-done individual project, or for more generally applied excellence.

Leo Heart Award

Sometimes people do things that don’t really benefit the breed or the club as a whole, but which show remarkable heart nonetheless. The Leonberger Heart Award has been created to honor these people.

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificates of Appreciation are awarded to anyone who has done any type of work for which the Club should express special appreciation. It generally refers to work over the past year, but is not limited to any particular time period.

Note of honor

The Note of Honor has been created as a recognition program for breeders. It has broad simple criteria for recognizing breeder achievements, but without trying to cover a whole breeding program, nor compete with any recognition afforded breeders by the AKC. 

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