CCA - Certificate of conformation assessment

The Leonberger Club of America Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) program is approved by the AKC. It is designed to provide a non-competitive means of evaluating and scoring the conformation qualities of individual Leonbergers (including spayed/neutered dogs) against the Leonberger Club of America breed standard, as well as provide a useful and informative evaluation with verbal and written feedback given by knowledgeable evaluators.

The CCA provides owners with a chance to demonstrate their dog’s qualities in a relaxed environment (dogs are expected to be casually groomed and handled). Owners receive both verbal and written feedback from the evaluator, and evaluations are confidential. The dog or bitch receives a numerical score based on the breed standard. Those scoring above a 75 are granted the CCA title, which can be put on the dog’s AKC record.

Please see below for important information regarding the LCA CCA program. Once all required information has been submitted to the LCA CCA Committee, owners may apply to the AKC for the CCA title.

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You can learn more about the AKC’s Certificate of Conformation Assessment program on the AKC website. Visit the Certificate of Conformation Assessment page.

CCA Committee

Julia Brady – Chair
Agi Hejja
D’Nae Wilson

CCA Documents

CCA Program Documents

The Leonberger Conformation Assessment Program Committee has developed these documents to educate our membership on the program, the leonberger breed standard, current evaluators and scoring. These documents also provide applications for hosting events and becoming an evaluator.

Contact the CCA Program coordinator

The CCA Committee is committed to help answer questions from our members and find evaluators. We look forward to your support of the program. Should you have any questions, please use the form below to contact us. 

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