The Board may each year appoint standing committees to advance the work of the Club in such matters as breeding, health, conformation shows, companion and performance events, trophies, annual prizes, membership, national events, awards for service to the club and/or breed, and other fields which may well be served by committees. Special committees may also be appointed by the Board to aid it on particular projects. However, unless specifically renewed by vote of the board, all committee terms shall expire at the conclusion of the annual meeting, and the Board shall appoint committee members for the coming year according to such criteria as it may choose. All committees shall always be subject to the final authority of the Board.

Membership Committee


Nadine Love-Filer – Chair
Steve Cipolla
Emily Santos
Pixie Barber
Heide Griger-Winnings

Contact Membership Chair

Membership Contact

Governance Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Governance Committee (GC) is to protect, preserve, and interpret the rules and regulations of the LCA and keep the Board apprised of matters relevant to non-profit corporations.


David Mallory – Chair
Jim Henshaw
Bill Koprowski
Judy Johnston
Glen Ferguson
Kimberly Mallory – Advisor

Show Event Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Show Event Committee (SEC) is to assist the Board and membership in matters related to shows, competitions, events, and the earning of points and titles.


Matt Messley – Chair
Don James
Jim Carretta
Kimberly Mallory
Shelly Mabbs
Wendy Jones
Marietta Mennone
Ember Sebastian
Nadine Love-Filer
Ginny Bartholomay – Advisor
Pamela Isaacson – Advisor
Glen Ferguson – Advisor

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SEC Contact

Members Practices Assurance Committee

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Member Practices Assurance Committee (MPAC) is to ensure the respectful, orderly, and uniform handling of alleged violations of the Required Member Practices and, where possible, obtain remediation without the need for disciplinary proceedings under the LCA Bylaws, Article VI.


David Schlosser – Chair
Jim Henshaw
Julie Hatlas-Pepper

Contact MPAC Chair

MPAC Contact

Election Committee

Purpose: The Election Committee (EC) operates within the provisions of the Bylaws, ARTICLE IV: The CLUB YEAR, NOMINATIONS, VOTING, and ELECTIONS.

Nadine Chunka – Chair
Brian Chunka
Julie Hatlas-Pepper

Awards Committee

Beth O’Connor – Chair
Don James
Astrid Robitaille
Glen Ferguson
Mary Decher
Yves Parent
Carin Shadwick – Advisor

Top 20 Gala Ad-Hoc Committee

Kimberly Mallory – Chair
Nadine Love-Filer
Rebecca Gillespie
Nicholas Brown
Pat McDaniel – Advisor

Breeder Stud Dog Owner Education Committee

Ann Sweet – Chair
Sandy Pearsall
Lynn Gregory
Nadine Love-Filer
Shonnie Layland

IT Committee

Kerry King – Chair
Karen Albers
Eve Lai
Michelle Hofmann
Ember Sebastian

AKC Judges Education

Agi Hejja – Co-chair
Julia Brady – Co-chair
Alida Greendyk
Mary Decher
Matt Townsend
Linda Sebastiani

Certificate of Conformation Assessment Committee

Julia Brady – Chair
Agi Hejja
D’Nae Wilson

Leonberger University

Connie Kent – Chair
D’Nae Wilson
Lara Bohinc
Sharon Betts – Website
Pamela Isaacson – Topic Development

Working Dog and Dog Award Committee

Marietta Mennone – Chair
Susan Manuel – Treasurer
Sunny Simpson
Lisa Carriker
Deb Knappenberger
Alison Reed – at-large
Susan Lattier
Kristen Bowsher

Online Stud Listing

Michelle Hofmann

Leoletter Committee

Paula Verrier – Editor
Bob Decker – Treasurer
Lynn Gregory – LCA Board Liaison
Lise Brandhagen
Missy St. Pierre-Sands
Anne Robinson
Gary Reid
Shannon White
Shelly Mabbs
Jill Gonzalez
Tony Rios
Soohyun Ham

Additional Contacts

Volunteer Contact

Laura Abbott

New Member mentorship

Pixie Barber

Breeder's Liason

Jan Weaver

Breeder's List

Agi Hejja

Board of Directors