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We encourage anyone who owns, or is interested in owning, a Leonberger to join the Leonberger Club of America. Your membership comes with exclusive benefits and helps support our efforts to maintain the health, soundness and longevity of American Leonbergers.
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Membership Benefits

The LeoLetter

The LeoLetter is a full-color quarterly magazine which includes club business, minutes, reports, letters, lots of pictures, and stories from LCA members.

The Chatterbox

The Chatterbox is a quarterly newsletter that is emailed to all members. The Chatterbox is chock full of useful articles for all Leonberger owners.

Affiliated Clubs

LCA Affiliated clubs exist across the country to meet the needs of regional groups of Leonberger owners and lovers. Most clubs put on local events such as Leo Walks, LCA-Sanctioned conformation and obedience shows, educational seminars, and much more.

Conformation, Obedience & Draft Trials

The LCA provides LCA-sanctioned conformation shows at the Club’s annual National Specialty, as well as through the LCA Regional Clubs. Obedience and Draft trials are also held regularly at both the National and at regional shows. Leonbergers with AKC numbers can participate in AKC performance events and Conformation Shows.

Educational Seminars

We invite varied interesting speakers to our National Specialty to conduct educational seminars for our members. Many LCA Regional Clubs also provide opportunities for educational seminars at their local events.

Health Related Seminars

For all LCA members, ZOOM seminars throughout the year featuring veterinarians and experts discussing health related issues effecting Leonbergers.

Certificate Programs

The LCA has numerous programs for Leonberger owners including the Conformation Certificate program for spayed/neutered dogs, the Therapy Award for dogs who are actively participating in therapy work, Versatile Leonberger Awards to recognize those dogs achieving multiple working titles, and many more.

Member Facebook Group

A members-only Facebook Group is available for your brags and questions.  All club information is also announced on this page.

LCA Membership List

This email list is a place to discuss and share information that directly relates to the Leonberger Club of America, and will be restricted to items specifically related to the LCA.  Members can subscribe on the Members section of the website.

The LeoList

The Leolist began in the Spring of 1995 with ten hardy Leo folks who couldn’t go one night without talking about their wonderful canine companions. Since that time it has grown to over 800 members worldwide. This is a place to engage in friendly conversation about your favorite topic—Leos, of course–and to share experiences and ask questions. Chances are someone somewhere has an answer.

This Leolist is devoted to the discussion of Leonberger dogs. We welcome all enthusiasts, prospective owners, breeders or anyone else with an interest in this topic. Absolutely anything that has anything to do with Leonbergers may be discussed here, such as health issues, training, brags, friendly chat, etc. Information to participate in the Leolist.


For questions regarding LCA membership, please contact our Membership Chair:

Nadine Love-Filer