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View Merlin-Wizzard V. Rotelbach Deceased Merlin 2001-03-21 more Brenda Ford IL
View GCH CH VLX BoBev's Runnin Down A Dream NDD CD RE CGCA Deceased Rutger 2009-04-12 more Kirsten Becker PA
View Namupalan Christmas Gift Deceased Simon 2008-12-24 more Karen Zedeker OH
View Multi-BISS BIMBS AKC-GCH UGRCH LCA-CH Starhavens Black Pearl Cap'n CGC Deceased Cap'n Jack 2006-11-29 more Shannon White MD
View Sentez Jagr Deceased Jagr 2007-07-07 more Brenda Ford IL
View CH Aqualeo's Risto Ryti Current Jasper 2011-04-25 more Cindy Stratton CA
View GCH Tsavo's Just A Mountain Boy Current Knox 2016-09-13 more Harry & Nancy Austin VA
View CH Incredible Bismarck of Serengeti Deceased Bismarck 2013-04-27 more Hallie Stanley VA
View CH Cu Leone's Come Dancing Current Sergio 2015-01-19 more Genette Fuller CA
View VL GCH CH Vesuvio vonAlpensee TKN THD CGCA CGCU LTA ATT Current Dante 2017-04-16 more Arlene Coles NJ
View CH VL Panthera's Great Gatsby CGCU CGCA BN TKN CD RN Current Gatsby 2015-05-13 more Shelly Mabbs SC
View BellaWood's And the Beat Goes On Deceased Big Ben 2005-04-15 more Linda Sebastiani CA
View GCH Windswept Paxton CGC SWN Current Ferdinand 2015-07-24 more Karen Albers KY
View KnightHawk Legend Current Kain 2015-08-21 more Emilie Becker WA
View Dueling Desperadoes Gustov V. SanftenLoewen CGC TKN Current Gus 24-11-2017 more Christina Merten OR
View GCHG Bludrift's Escapades With Ethan CGC Current Ethan 2016-12-27 more Mary Monahan NY
View GCH CH VLX BellaWood's Canusa Here We Go Again, BN, CD, RE, CGCA, NAP, FDC ... more
GCH CH VLX BellaWood's Canusa Here We Go Again, BN, CD, RE, CGCA, NAP, FDC
Current Henry 2014-10-26 more John & Jackie Telling CA
View Leodania's Ma Reggio Di Calabria Deceased Reggie 2007-02-07 more Mary Ruggiero-Smith WA
View Heronview's Allkett Schwimmpanzer Deceased Panzer 2001-12-29 more Hallie Stanley VA
View VLX CH Obi-Wan von Alpensee BN RE TKA CGCA CGCU Current Obi 2015-05-11 more Ira Van Order PA