Main Topic Registered Name Namupalan Christmas Gift
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Main Topic Video Link none
Status Deceased
Call Name Simon
DOB 2008-12-24
DOD 2014-26-01 respiratory failure caused by allergic reaction to medication
Main Topic Ped Listing Ld
Main Topic Link Ofa Db
Height 30.75
Main Topic Weight 175
Main Topic Bacl No
Bacl Doc
Main Topic Narrative

Simon is a large, big boned substantial boy, with a pleasant and friendly personality. His coat is a deep mahogany red, with black tipping.

Semen Analysis Yes
Semen Analysis Doc
Natural Breeding No
Fresh Semen No
Frozen Semen Yes
Primary Owner(s) Karen Zedeker
Co Owner 1
Co Owner 2
City Waynesville
State OH
Zip 45066
Country of Birth Finland
Home Phone 513-897-1213
Main Topic Url 1
ID type Unkn
ID #
CHIC# 73272
AKC # WS36011301