Main Topic Registered Name Merlin-Wizzard V. Rotelbach
Image 1
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Image 3
Main Topic Video Link none
Status Deceased
Call Name Merlin
DOB 2001-03-21
DOD 2010-01-13
Main Topic Ped Listing Ld
Main Topic Link Ofa Db
Height 31
Main Topic Weight 190
Main Topic Bacl Yes
Bacl Doc
Main Topic Narrative

Merlin was a big love and my heart dog. A true gentleman in every way. He was a massive dog at 190 lbs with a beautiful black head and dark soulful eyes. His love was therapy work, especially Read to Rover. Merlin is LNP1 N/N and LPN2 N/N

Semen Analysis No
Semen Analysis Doc
Natural Breeding No
Fresh Semen No
Frozen Semen Yes
Primary Owner(s) Brenda Ford
Co Owner 1
Co Owner 2
City Grayslake
State IL
Zip 60030
Country of Birth Denmark
Home Phone 847-223-0324
Cell 847-762-7433
Main Topic Url 1
ID type Tatoo
ID # 598295
CHIC# 45030
AKC # WS05785601