Main Topic Registered Name GCH CH Quantum Leap Von Alpensee
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Status Current
Call Name Dr. Beckett
DOB 2016/01/14
DOD living
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Height 31.5
Main Topic Weight 152
Main Topic Bacl No
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Main Topic Narrative

Dr. Becket is all that I have hoped for and more in a male Leonberger.   I have waited a long time for a dog as magnificent and loving as this boy. At two years old he weighs 152 lbs and stands 31 ½” at the withers.  His size notwithstanding, he has excellent movement.  He is able to cover ground easily with a smooth, flowing gait.  His temperament is very playful and puppy like and he makes friends easily. Dr.  Beckett‘s head is impressive & well-proportioned.  He is also endowed with a full and very luxurious coat.  Beckett excelled in the show ring by quickly earning his AKC Championship at 15 months with 4 Majors.  With multiple Best of Breed wins, he earned his Grand Championship by 20 months.  In 2018 he was entered in the inaugural LCA's Top 20 Event for our National Specialty in St. Charles, Illinois for his accomplishments in 2017.  
We are looking forward to passing along his beautiful traits in his future breedings.

Semen Analysis Yes
Semen Analysis Doc docs/DrBeckett_Analysis .pdf
Natural Breeding Yes
Fresh Semen Yes
Frozen Semen Yes
Primary Owner(s) Juanita Allen
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Co Owner 2
City Chewelah
State WA
Zip 99109
Country of Birth USA
Home Phone
Cell 503 201-2076
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ID type MicroChip
ID # 956000004701475
CHIC# 126884
AKC # WS52531803