Main Topic Registered Name Incredible Bismarck of Serengeti
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Main Topic Video Link none
Status Current
Call Name Bismarck
DOB 2013-04-27
DOD Living
Main Topic Ped Listing Ld
Main Topic Link Ofa Db
Height 32
Main Topic Weight 160
Main Topic Bacl Yes
Bacl Doc docs/Bismarck_StanleyBACL.pdf
Main Topic Narrative
Semen Analysis Yes
Semen Analysis Doc
Natural Breeding Yes
Fresh Semen Yes
Frozen Semen Yes
Primary Owner(s) Hallie Stanley
Co Owner 1
Co Owner 2
City Roanoke
State VA
Zip 24015
Country of Birth USA
Home Phone 540-345-0759
Main Topic Url 1
ID type Unkn
ID #
CHIC# 120601
AKC # WS44071802