Member Practices

Leonberger Club of America Member Practices

These MEMBER PRACTICES are established in accordance with the objectives of The Leonberger Club of America (LCA), are an expression of the shared values of the members of the club pursuant to the 2/3 vote of approval of June 30, 2019 and are a condition of membership.



The Leonberger is above all a family dog exhibiting the temperament, intelligence, and structure of a working companion. The physical appearance should be as described in the Leonberger Standard approved by the American Kennel Club.


When breeding a bitch or stud, members shall be conscientious about controlling and eliminating inherited problems, and use the AKC standard as a guide, with emphasis on exemplary breed type, stable temperament, health, elimination of disqualifying physical faults, and with consistent betterment of the breed in mind. To that end, LCA members agree to adhere to the following minimum practices.

  • 1.) Except as provided in Section 1(f), below, all Leonbergers used by LCA members for breeding shall be:
    • a.) AKC registered or registered with a foreign registry recognized by the AKC.
    • b.) Two years of age or older (bitches may not be older than eight years), in good health and micro-chipped.
    • c.) Assigned a CHIC number pursuant to the health testing requirements specified by the LCA Board of Directors, as listed under “Breed Requirements,” at:
    • d.) Tested LPN2 clear and have passing hips; (i.) OFA normal hips (Excellent, good, or fair), (ii.) PennHip Dl of .47 or better, or (iii.) for non-AKC-registered foreign dogs, a hip rating acceptable for breeding in its country of registration.
    • e.) Clear of similar health problems or conformation weaknesses.
    • f.) Foreign Leonbergers used for breeding shall satisfy the requirements of subsection (d) above and meet all requirements of their country of registration.
  • 2.) Bitches shall not have more than 2 litters in any 24 month period, unless undertaken with prior consultation with a Veterinarian.
  • 3.) All breeding’s by LCA members shall be in compliance with AKC rules and regulations.
  • In addition to the above, LCA members who breed a female agree to submit such paperwork as may be required by the board of directors within the time limits they may set.


1.) Members should be in good standing with the LCA for a period of one year prior to breeding their initial litter, and work with an experienced member-breeder prior to undertaking their first Leonberger breeding.
2.) Breeders should educate themselves by becoming active Breeding Assessment Check List (BACL) examiners, participating in Leonberger University and/or attending educational seminars on topics relating to health, genetics, conformation, and breeding.
3.) Encourage and participate in the practice of completing a BACL any time after 16 months of age, for all Leonbergers prior to breeding.
4.) Breeders should encourage non-LCA member owners to obtain a CHIC number prior to breeding their Leonbergers.


1.) Dogs/puppies sold must be guaranteed to be in healthy condition at the time of sale, including adequate protection from common diseases pursuant to a veterinarian’s recommended protocols. Breeders should retain copies of accurate health and AKC registration records, making use of AKC Limited Registration when appropriate.
2.) Unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise that will not compromise health or welfare, puppies may be released to their new home only after reaching eight weeks of age.
3.) Breeders should honestly evaluate, according to the AKC Leonberger Standard, the quality of any Leonberger sold, and state that quality clearly to the Buyer. All advertising shall be factual and informative, honestly representing the Leonbergers offered. Prices shall not be included in any advertising.
4.) Breeders shall sell only to responsible persons who are interested in the protection of the breed and who agree to provide the highest quality of care, including socialization and training.
5.) All sales agreements should be in writing (See, Section III(B)).


A.) Members shall maintain high standards of health, cleanliness, training, and care of all dogs. Dogs should be contained within safe boundaries when the owner cannot personally supervise their safety.
B.) In keeping with the LCA’s commitment to healthy Leonbergers, all members are strongly urged to obtain a CHIC number for their Leonbergers after 2 years of age.
C.) Members should assist newcomers to the breed, so that they may become educated in ways to best preserve and improve the Leonberger.
D.) Members recognize that they have a lifetime responsibility to support the welfare of dogs they produce and/or own, and the inherent obligation to provide or promote, a stable environment that protects each Leonberger’s physical and emotional well-being. For owners, this includes considering first contacting their breeder should they need to place their dog. For breeders, this includes helping to re-home any progeny from their breeding’s when necessary.
E.) No LCA member shall abandon or dispose of any Leonberger in an animal shelter or pound unless required to do so by law.
F.) Leonbergers shall not be given as prizes, offered in raffles, sold to pet shops or at auctions, or brokered in any manner.
G.) Members will be mindful of the LCA Constitution, Article I(2)(g), regarding honesty, integrity, and fairness in all dealings, and cooperation and good sportsmanship among its members at competitions and exhibitions. All member statements regarding the breed, the Club, the AKC, or appearing in advertisements must be factual. Members shall seek no unfair advantage in business or show.


A.) Failure to adhere to the mandatory provisions of these Member Practices may result in proceedings for suspension and/or expulsion pursuant to the Bylaws of the Leonberger Club of America.
B.) Contracts, whether written or oral, are deemed a matter for the courts, and the club will not act as an arbiter over contractual disputes.
C.) A copy of this document shall be posted to the public area of the LCA website.

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