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About the leonberger breed

Developed in Germany in the late 19th century, the Leonberger was initially developed as a companion breed. Despite these origins, Leonbergers have long been employed as versatile working dogs on farms, pastures, waterfronts, trails and more.

Leonbergers have a gentle nature and serene patience and they relish the companionship of the whole family. A huge and powerful dog, yes, but the Leonberger is also known for his aristocratic grace and elegance. A male can stand over 31 inches at the shoulder and weigh as much as a full-grown human. Females run smaller but are still a whole lot of dog. Breed hallmarks include a medium-long waterproof coat, lush triangular ears, a bushy tail, and a black facemask that frames kindly dark-brown eyes. A dramatic feature of the male’s coat is the lion-like mane around the neck and chest. A well-built Leo moves with an easy, elastic gait. A Leo is friendly but nobody’s fool. As watchdogs and all-around workers, they exhibit intelligence and sound judgment. Leos require lots of brushing, ample room for romping, and unlimited love.

For more information about the Leonberger breed, visit the AKC website or Leonberger University.

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