Leonberger Hall of Fame

The Leonberger Club of America’s Hall of Fame recognizes our highest-achieving elite working teams, who have demonstrated drive, stamina and instinctive working ability.

Our current Hall of Fame criteria was adopted in August 2016. New criteria was established in October 2021. Qualification for Induction into the Leonberger Hall of Fame is determined on the basis of the criteria in place at the time of the last qualifying achievement of the dog.

View the current criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame. (Conformation updated January 2018, Service updated January 2019)
View the current versatility points chart.

Have a question or a dog that may be eligible for induction? Contact the Leonberger Working Dog and Awards committee.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame Inductees October 8, 2021 - April 28, 2022

Original Hall of Fame Inductees (pre 2016) were selected in:

  • Conformation – outstanding records in the Conformation Show Ring.
  • Service Excellence – excelled as Therapy Dog (200+visits), Service Dogs or in Search & Rescue .
  • Distinguished Performance – attained at least a Third Level Title in performance venuesor held the first or only title for a Leonberger in a performance venue
  • Versatility – earned the LCA Versatile Leo Excellent (VLX) title, AKC Versatile Companion 1 title or were nominated for demonstrating the versatile abilities of a Leonberger as an outstanding canine citizen.
  • Significant Firsts – the first to attain recognition or a particular title in an activity that demonstrated the many abilities of our wonderful breed and encouraged other Leonberger fanciers to pursue even higher levels of achievement.
  • Nationality Specialty Winners – Leonbergers that won Best in Specialty (BISS) or Best of Opposite in Specialty (BOS) at an annual LCA National Specialty from 1986 through 2014. These dogs are listed and pictured under the National Specialty page.

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