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Therapy Program


Leos are particularly well suited for Therapy work, given their gentle disposition, love of children, and size (easy to pet from a bed!).  Entering into any therapy work is not to be taken lightly. You and your Leonberger must work as a team. Your Leo must be trained in basic obedience and comfortable in many environments.

In April of 2002, the Leonberger Club of America instituted an award program that would celebrate and award those Leonbergers and their owners who devoted countless hours to participating in pet therapy programs. The LCA Therapy Award program was supported by many, many members, most of whom attended a board meeting to specifically state their support of this program. An ad-hoc committee was formed consisting of John McRae, Beth O’Connor, Tom Atwood, and Pat Troise. John volunteered to administer the program, tracking all of the member visits reported to him as well as designing the forms to do so.

therapy patchThe LCA is particularly proud of this award as it exemplifies that which is the best in our Leonbergers, their ability to touch lives, heal hearts and make the world a better place simply be being there. While the LCA offers many competitive titles and programs, it is the Therapy Award that we hold dearest to our hearts.

Learn more about becoming a therapy team with your Leonberger through the  Therapy topic at Leonberger University.

Leonberger Club of America criteria to become part of the Therapy Program

1. Dog needs to be one year of age to enter the program

2. Dog must have earned AKC CGC prior to start of the therapy work.

3. The Therapy Team of dog & handler must be an active member of a recognized national, state or local therapy organization.

4. Owner must be a member in good standing of the Leonberger Club of America.

5. Owner must submit the Therapy Dog Registration form. (form is found at: -

A Leonberger Therapy Award will be earned by program members following submission of Documented proof of a minimum 50 therapy visits that is signed by the person in charge at the time of the visit.



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Getting started in Therapy Work

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