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Water Work Program

The LCA awards Water Rescue titles for Water Dog (WD), Water Rescue Dog (WRD) and Water Rescue Dog Excellent (WRDX).

The Leonberger Club of America has permission from the Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) to utilize the NCA official water test requirements. The LCA is working to establish criteria and a panel for LCA water judges. Until this is in place, please utilize approved Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) judges. A list of approved NCA judges can be found on their website: https://www.ncadogs.org/waterjudges.html

Title Recognition

First WD, WRD and wrdx Titles

Bensen, Jr exercise "Take a Line" with Steward showing the line (Steward Michelle Fuqua)
Bensen, Sr exercise "Line to Shore" leaping from boat with the line (with Jody, Rowing Steward Eric Nussle, and Ballast Michelle Fuqua)
Bensen_Jody Woodruff first LCA WRDX[12245]
First LCA WRDX: Bensen, Excellent exercise "Unconscious Victim," gently tows the still and quiet steward to shore (Steward Marylou Zimmerman) Bensen, CH VLX Kalahari's Intrepid Explorer UD RE ACT2 TKI ODD WRDX1, is owned and loved by Jody Woodruff

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